Delegations of the U.S. Army War College visits the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh.

New York, 25 October 2019:

Today, a delegation of the U.S. Army War College composed of 21 members of different countries led by Professor John Tisson visited the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations. The U.S. Army War College has been visiting Bangladesh Mission every year in the recent times to learn about our experiences in the field of peace operation and our engagements at the UN. This partnership comes as recognition of Bangladesh’s remarkable contribution to peace operations as well as the reputation and professionalism of Bangladeshi peacekeepers. A senior officer of Bangladesh Army studying in the war college was a part of this delegation.

The delegation was welcomed by the Chargé d’ Affaires & Deputy Permanent Representative (DPR) Tarek Md Ariful Islam and Defense Adviser Brigadier General Khan Firoz Ahmed of the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh.

In his welcome remarks Chargé d’ Affaires Tarek Md Ariful Islam mentioned Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visionary leadership, bold and resolute development plans, ‘whole of society approach’ policy to create a prosperous Bangladesh which was envisioned by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The DPR briefed the delegation on Bangladesh’s overall engagement at the UN, the challenges UN was facing on various global issues and how Bangladesh was contributing to the work of UN in overcoming theses challenges. He also dwelled upon about the relationship and partnership between Bangladesh and the UN including development, human rights, peace & security, terrorism & violent extremism, cyber-security, multilateralism, climate change, migration, women empowerment, sustainable development goals etc. He mentioned some of the global challenges that affect Bangladesh such as rohingya crisis, climate change, and 4th industrial revolution. Chargé d’ Affaires emphasized on strong global partnership to mitigate the challenges.

Defense Adviser of Bangladesh Permanent Mission Brigadier General Khan Firoz Ahmed briefed the delegation about Bangladesh’s engagement in the UN peacekeeping operations and the dedicated role of Bangladeshi peacekeepers. He said “Bangladesh was always at the forefront in the United Nations peacekeeping Operations. So far, 1,66,181 Bangladeshi peacekeepers participated in 54 UN peacekeeping missions. Currently, there are 6547 Bangladeshi peacekeepers deployed in 09 several missions. As many as 146 peacekeepers lost their lives on duty while 227 have been injured”. He also portrayed Bangladesh’s success stories in bringing peace at various war ravaged parts of the world during the past 30 years. A video was also displayed before the delegations on the indomitable success of Bangladesh.

The US Army War College delegation applauded the Bangladesh Mission for the useful exchange and the excellent arrangement and warm hospitality. The Chargé d’ Affaires thanked the U.S. Army War College delegations for choosing the Bangladesh Mission for their visit.

Traditional Bangladeshi cuisines are served to the Delegation.


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