Statement by Mr. Monwar Hossain, DPR and CDA, a.i. at the Emergency Special Session of the UNGA on Ukraine Crisis, 01 March 2022, GA Hall, UNHQ

Mr. President.

Thank you for convening the 11th Emergency Special Session of the UNGA.

Bangladesh expresses grave concern at the situation in Ukraine and calls for immediate cessation of the ongoing hostilities and military operations in the Ukrainian territory.

Bangladesh believes that the obligations stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations regarding prohibition of use of force, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, and peaceful settlement of international disputes must be complied with in all circumstances, without exception.

Bangladesh, therefore, urges for restraint by all parties and to immediately resume diplomatic efforts and dialogue in order to settle all disputes by peaceful means, and refrain from taking any action that may endanger international peace and security.

Bangladesh expresses its full support and confidence in the good offices of the Secretary General of the United Nations, and calls upon him to undertake all efforts to initiate dialogue with a view to ending the hostilities and military operations in Ukraine.

Bangladesh is deeply concerned at the sufferings of innocent civilians and urges the parties to ensure access for safe delivery of humanitarian assistances to the people in need, and safe passage to the civilians, including foreign nationals fleeing conflict in Ukraine.

I thank you.