Intervention by H.E. Amb, Masud Bin Momen Permanent Representative of Bangladesh on G-77 meeting on briefing by Ms. Karen AbuZayd on 07 March 2016

Intervention by H.E. Amb, Masud Bin Momen Permanent Representative of Bangladesh on G-77 meeting on briefing by Ms. Karen AbuZayd on 07 March 2016

I thank G-77 Chair for organizing and Ms. Karen AbuZayd for the briefing on the 19 September High-Level Meeting on addressing large movements of refugees and Migrants. Bangladesh believes that this is a very timely initiative and my delegation will render its support and will be engaged constructively for the successful holding as well as a pragmatic outcome of this event, looking beyond 19 September. This is a global issue and warrants global solution with global cooperation. I would like to highlight some points in this regard for inclusion in the report:

1) Human mobility, including the migrants, need to be addressed in a positive and holistic manner as it deserves. The positive narratives of ‘migration’ and ‘migrants’, that we have obtained in the Agenda 2030, should not be overshadowed by the crises in various parts of the world experiencing, rather there should be an SDG plus approach, as Agenda 2030 asks for transformation, securing inclusion and foremost placing all people at the centre of Agenda 2030.

2) In terms of ‘ Scope’ of the meeting, all forms of human mobility need to be placed in wider narrative and context.

3) The report should enlist all categories of people on the move in the context of evolving dynamics and complexities-within and across regions; and alos the gaps and limitations that are observed in various categorization and definitions. At the same time, the patterns and trends of people’s movements should be captured in a comprehensive manner.

4) In addressing people on the move, it ought to be analyzed how ‘ diversity’ and ‘harmony’ within and across across society impact on people’s mobility in contemporary times. Also, how peace and stability within and across countries impact on people’s mobility and vica versa.

5) Last but not the least, rather more importantly, there is a need for a new global regime to comprehensively govern all aspects and drivers of mobility and migration. The report should lay out a set of elements of an ‘OVERARCHING GLOBAL COMPACT’ – covering all aspects of human mobility. For refugee movements-the existing instruments: the 1951 Convention and its Protocol and institutions are to be reiterated and reinforced. The global community in the UN didn’t address human mobility in a comprehensive manner for last 70 years. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity of 19 September to address migrants and refugees. We have to capture this momentum and we hope that the report should press for a bold, focused and measurable outcome, setting the basis for negotiating the details of comprehensive global governance regime on mobility.

Mr. Chair and Ms. AbuZayd, Let me reiterate once again Bangladesh’s support and being the current Chair of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), we would like to contribute constructively in this process.

I thank you all.