Statement by H.E. Rabab Fatima, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations on the agenda item no: 114 “Measures to eliminate international terrorism” on 07 October 2020


Mr. Chair,

I warmly congratulate you and other Bureau members on your election to the Bureau of this important Committee. My delegation aligns itself with the statements of Iran on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM); and by Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). I thank the Secretary General for his comprehensive report on this agenda item in document A/75/176.

Mr. Chair,

Terrorism is one of the gravest challenges to international peace and security and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Covid-19 pandemic has further compounded the challenge. The adoption of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in 2006 and Secretary General’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism (PVE) were watershed achievements in UN’s efforts to set norms in the global fight against terrorism. Yet more needs to be done.

Bangladesh fully supports the strategy and calls for the strategy’s comprehensive implementation. We hope that the 7th biennial review of the strategy will resume soon in advancing global counter terrorism efforts.

Mr. Chair,

Bangladesh maintains a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ towards terrorism and violent extremism. Bangladesh is a party to all international counter-terrorism instruments. We have also joined a number of related regional initiatives. At the national level, we have put in place comprehensive laws, namely, the ‘Anti-Terrorism Act-2012’ and the ‘Money Laundering Prevention Act 2009’. Besides, we have been investing heavily in national capacity building including awareness-raising, community engagement and resilience, in a ‘whole-of-society’ approach to combat terrorism. We are also in the process of drafting the country’s first National Counter Terrorism Strategy in line with the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy.

Mr. Chair,

Terrorism does not respect national borders. Therefore, we have to act together to eliminate the menace. I wish to make a few points in this regard:

First, the UN should lead and steer the global discourse and action on counter-terrorism in a more robust manner.

Second, we want to see definite progress in the work of concluding a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism outlining the root causes of terrorism and specific measures to eliminate those. We welcome the establishment of a working group to finalize the process on the draft comprehensive convention.

Third, national capacity building and training of counter-terrorism personnel of the developing countries should remain high in the agenda of the UN to assist in the implementation of various obligations of the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy.

Fourth, seamless exchange of information and intelligence-sharing among nations remains most critical.

Fifth, women and children are disproportionately affected by terrorism. We have to pay special attention to integrate gender dimension in national and international campaigns against terrorism and violent extremism.

Sixth, in the Covid-19 situation, movement restrictions have increased the use of irregular transaction channels. Also, online based education is creating opportunities for youth to fall prey to online criminal activities including violent extremism. The pandemic might create diversion of resources and governments’ attention from counter-terrorism drives. These emerging challenges require due understanding, recognition, and new dispensations.

Seventh, respect for human rights and for the rule of law must guide the agenda for fighting terrorism.

Last but not the least, we need to closely monitor evolving trends of international terrorism and find innovative solutions to counter those trends for the achievement of our common goals, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Mr. Chair,

Let me conclude by reaffirming our abiding commitment to remain a strong and reliable partner of the international community in its efforts to counter terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

I thank you.