General Statement of Bangladesh delegation after adoption of the resolution (A/C.3/75/L.34) Situation of human rights of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar by the Third Committee of the 75th session of the UNGA on 18 November 2020, UNHQs, New York

I thank you Madam Chair,

I wish to thank all Member States for their support extended to the adoption of this resolution with a strong mandate, we are especially grateful to the members of the OIC and the EU & other co-sponsor.

As we have repeatedly stated, we look at this resolution not as a typical country specific resolution. We see it as a symbol of ‘custodianship’ of the international community to find a durable solution & facilitate the voluntary repatriation of the Rohingyas to their homeland in Myanmar in safety, security and dignity. Creating a conducive environment including taking confidence building measures such as addressing justice and accountability are the key factors, as the Rohingyas themselves told the world repeatedly, and this resolution reiterates those points.

The adoption of the resolution today would certainly send a clear message to the Rohingyas that the international community has not forgotten them. It is encouraging to note the positive elements that the resolution contains, including references to the ongoing justice and accountability processes.

I wish to draw your kind attention to the constructive proposals made by my Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in resolving the crisis in each of the General Assembly since 2017. Bangladesh has provided temporary shelter to over 1.1 million forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals. More than three years have elapsed.

Regrettably, not a single Rohingya could be repatriated & with each passing day, the urgency to find a solution becomes greater. As my Prime Minister reminded this august Assembly in September, that the problem was created by Myanmar and its solution must be found in Myanmar. And she called upon the international community to play a more decisive role for a solution to the crisis. We see the adoption of this resolution as an important step in that direction.

We thank all delegations for the constructive approach with which they supported the entire process, from the negotiations to the adoption of the resolution. We are confident that with your support and solidarity for the cause of Rohingyas, we would be able to find an early and durable solution, which lies in the voluntary return of the Rohingyas in safety, security, dignity and in a sustainable manner to their homeland in Myanmar.

Bangladesh is fully committed to remain engaged with the international community, including with Myanmar, in this regard.

I thank you.