Statement of Bangladesh at the Fifth Committee, Agenda Item 139: Proposed Program Plan 2022 and Agenda Item 138: Proposed Program, Budget 2022, 76th Session of the UN General Assembly, 13 October 2021

Mr. Chair,

Allow me to begin by appreciating your skillful stewardship of the committee. I thank the Secretary General for his introduction of the Proposed Program Budget for 2022. We also take note of the recommendations of the ACABQ and the report of the CPC.

Bangladesh associates itself with the statement delivered by Guinea on behalf of G77 and China.

Mr. Chair,

We take note of the Secretary General’s proposed program budget for 2022. We appreciate resource increase of $13.8 million in the proposed budget for implementation of the organization’s new or expanded mandates. In particular, we welcome the proposal for replacing extra budgetary funding with a regular budget allocation of $6.1 million for UNRWA. We also commend allocation of $ 4.4 million to provide additional resources to implement the resolutions and the decisions of the Human Rights Council.

We thank the Secretary General for proposing an increase of $7.4 million in allocations for Special Political Missions. This will enable scaling up operations in some Missions, strengthen the office of High Representative for LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS, and support development pillars like program for technical cooperation, and new partnership for Africa’s development. We support proposal for conversion of 16 general temporary assistance positions to posts for supporting the organization’s Human Rights mandates.

Mr. Chair,

Bangladesh gave shelter to over 1.1 million Rohingyas fleeing persecution in their homeland in the Rakhine State of Myanmar in August 2017.  To ensure accountability, the international community supported the creation of an Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM) for independent investigation of the incidents leading to the crisis.  We thank the Secretary General for an increased resource proposal for the Mechanism by $420,500 for 2022. Regrettably, due to COVID-19 pandemic induced travel restriction, the mechanism experienced challenges in identifying potential information sources, and taking witnesses by remote interviews due to possibility of undue influences.

We also appreciate the Secretary General’s proposal for enhanced allocation of resources for the Special Envoy’s office on Myanmar for 2022. These two mechanisms have a critical role in ensuring justice and accountability which are key to finding a durable solution to this crisis.

While reviewing the proposed program budget for 2022, let us make a few points:

First, as the center of multilateral cooperation for global common good, the United Nations has the responsibility to deliver. Member States also have the responsibility to cater sufficient resources to the organization in line with their charter obligations.  We note with deep concern the fluctuations and unpredictability in assessed contribution to the organization in recent years.

Second, the specter of COVID-19 pandemic is still haunting us. We must consider the impact of the pandemic during resource allocation to the organization for its pandemic response efforts and to cater any emergency needs.

Third, it is important to ensure equitable geographical representation at all level of staff structure of the organization. We also expect enhanced efforts towards reconfiguration and rejuvenation of the organization.

Fourth, pragmatic and sensible program planning and budget are important strategic tools, to enable the UN to deliver its mandated activities in an efficient and effective manner. Introduction of annual budgeting is a significant step in establishing budgetary discipline in the organization.

Finally, it is imperative to review and assess the overall budget proposal with objectivity and ensure that it reflects the priorities of the Member States, and conforms to the mandates of the organization.

You can count on our delegation’s fullest support and cooperation in that regard.

I thank you Mr. Chair.