Statement by H.E. Mr. Muhammad Abdul Muhith at the General Discussion on Groups of countries in special situations, Thursday, 13 October 2022, 3-6 pm, UN Headquarters, CR-2

I thank you, Madam Chair, for giving me the floor.

My delegation aligns itself with the statements made by the chairs of the LDC Group and the G-77 & China.

Excellencies, Colleagues,

We welcome the reports of the Secretary General on the implementation of the Doha Programme of Action and on “options for a system of stockholding”.  We look forward to working together with all stakeholders to set the DPOA on a strong roadmap for implementation and to advance the practical solutions identified by the Secretary general for addressing the food insecurity issue in LDCs.

Excellencies, Colleagues,

We must not forget that the battle of winning or losing the 2030 Agenda will not be decided in the developed or other advanced economies. Our success will be scored in the LDCs and other vulnerable countries. We must ensure transformative changes in the lives and livelihoods of the people who are the furthest behind, whether it is in the areas of poverty alleviation, hunger, or for ensuring health services, education, equal opportunities for women, climate adaptation, and decent jobs for all.

We are aware how the current overlapping crises of the COVID, Climate and Conflicts exacerbated manifold the pre-existing challenges of the LDCs and other vulnerable countries. Their decades of development gains are on reverse gear.

More than ever before, they need enhanced and tailored support to tackle the multi-faceted impacts of the crises and build resilience against future shocks.

Allow me to share a few specific thoughts and way forward:

First, we need a robust partnership at global, regional, and national levels to implement the DPOA, especially its key deliverables and time-bound targets.

The DPOA envisages a comprehensive package of deliverables, namely an online university, an international investment support centre, a system of stockholding, multi-hazard crises response, and a graduation support facility, to respond to specific challenges of the LDCs.

We need to work with the development partners, the entire UN system, IFIs, MDBs, the private sector, the CSOs to ensure the full imple,mtation of these deliverables.

Second, the means of implementation is going to be the sine-qua-non for the implementation of the DPOA.

The LDCs need scaled up support by means of ODA, concessional financing, and technology transfer to enhance their productive capacity and ensure adequate investment in their infrastructural and human development efforts.

Third, the 2nd part of the LDC-5 conferences to be held in March 2023 in Doha provides us an excellent opportunity to create necessary political momentum for the implementation of the DPOA.

We invite the development partners to participate in the conference at the highest level and demonstrate their commitments to the causes of the LDCs. Equally important is to leverage on our engagements and partnerships with all the other stakeholders, including the private sector, parliamentarians, civil society, and the youth.

Fourth, the 2nd Committee LDCs resolution during this session is going to be critical to put the DPOA on an ambitious track of implementation and delivery.

My delegation looks forward to working with all partners to deliver on a resolution, which will be commensurate with the needs and realities on the ground.

Fifth, at this moment, a record number of 16 countries are on different stages of graduation from the LDC category. They need enhanced and tailored support to ensure graduation with momentum.

We reiterate our call to the development partners and the advanced economies to provide LDC-specific support measures to all the graduated countries for a specific period of time and in a predictable manner.

Finally, the OHRLLS has a pivotal role to play for ensuring a transformative journey for realizing the DPOA in the LDCs.

There should be adequate resources for the OHRLLS to fulfill its mandate, especially to implement the DPOA.

I would rest it here.

I thank you all.