Statement by Mr. Monwar Hossain, Deputy Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN Thematic Debate: “Regional Disarmament and Security” First Committee 77th Session United Nations General , 25 October 2022

Mr. Chair,

Bangladesh aligns itself with the statement delivered by Indonesia on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Bangladesh acknowledges the critical importance of regional disarmament and security in the maintenance of international peace and security. We firmly believe that global and regional approaches to disarmament complement each other and should therefore be pursued simultaneously to promote regional and international peace and security.

We subscribe to the notion that peaceful dialogue and diplomacy remain the best options for building a sound regional security architecture. Enhanced regional cooperation, including transparency and confidence-building measures, remains critical for meaningful dialogues. With this conviction, Bangladesh has been strongly advocating for the important role of the regional disarmament in maintaining international peace and security.

As the UN Secretary General outlined his new agenda for peace in “Our Common Agenda”, we must work together to increase our efforts for regional initiatives that can fill critical gaps in global peace and security.  We further support his proposal to put women and girls at the center of regional, national and local security policies.



Mr. Chair,

We add our voice to the need for establishing nuclear-weapon-free-zones (NWFZ), as an interim measure, through ratification of related protocols to all treaties establishing NWFZs by the nuclear weapons states, for maintaining sustainable peace, security and stability around the world.

Bangladesh reiterates its full support for the establishment in the Middle East of a zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction. In this regard, we welcome to the convening of the First and Second Session of the Conference on the Establishment of a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons according to the General Assembly Decision 73/546. We call upon all States in the region to actively participate in the third session of the Conference in realizing the establishment of the Zone.

Bangladesh also attaches high priority to unconditional and legally binding assurances to non-nuclear weapon states against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons by nuclear weapons states.


Mr. Chair,

Bangladesh recognizes the useful role played by the UN Regional Centre for Peace and Development (UNRCPD) in regional disarmament.  Bangladesh encourages all three Regional Centers in Africa, Asia and the pacific, and Latin America to engage meaningfully with both the government and non-government stakeholders for promotion of dialogue and confidence-building measures in the respective regions.

In the recent past, UNRCPD has facilitated the process of identifying common elements of interest and concern among countries in our region during negotiations on certain disarmament treaties.  We look forward to further expanding our partnership with UNRCPD in fulfilment of, inter alia, the obligations under UN Security Council Resolution 1540. Bangladesh remains open to opportunities for further learning from the good practices in other regional countries in preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their possible acquisition by terrorists and other unauthorized non-state entities.

Bangladesh believes that disarmament education helps change the basic attitudes of people and policymakers with respect to peace and security. Therefore, we request UNRCPD to further strengthen its efforts to promote and disseminate disarmament education and research in the region drawing on the useful resources at its disposal. This year too, we are happy to co-sponsor the Resolution on the Regional Centre as in previous years.

Mr. Chair,

Let me conclude by reaffirming Bangladesh’s commitment to advancing regional disarmament issues, together with our partners from the region and beyond, considering them as an essential and integral part of building a safer and better world for all.

I thank you.