Statement by Md. Rafiqul Alam Molla, Counsellor of Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the UN at the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly (AHWG), thematic debate on the “Selection and appointment of the Secretary-General and other executive heads” 09 February 2023, at Trusteeship Council Chamber

Distinguished Co-Chairs,

At the outset, allow me to thank you Co-Chairs, H. E. Ms. Egriselda González López, Permanent Representative of El Salvador and H.E. Mr. Mitch Fifield, Permanent Representative of Australia, for convening this meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly (AHWG). We also thank the office of the Human Resources for their briefing.

My delegation align itself with the statement delivered by Algeria on behalf of NAM. In addition, I would like to make the following points in my national capacity:


First, the selection of Secretary-General is an important and decisive process for our organization. We reemphasize the central role of the General Assembly in the selection and appointment process of the Secretary General, with a view to making the process transparent, democratic, inclusive, and objective.

In this regard, we underline the importance of full compliance to Article 97 of the UN Charter and relevant GA resolutions including Res 69/321 and 75/325.


Second, we recall the decision of the General Assembly in its resolution 69/321, to conduct informal dialogues or town hall meetings with candidates for the position of Secretary-General, without any prejudice to any candidate who does not participate, and thus contributing to the transparency and inclusivity of the process.

In this regard, we strongly recommend this practice to continue without any deviation and encourage all nominees to participate in such dialogues and meetings.


Third, we also share the view of many other delegations that the Security Council should consider proposing more than one candidate for the Secretary-General to the General Assembly.

Additionally, we emphasize that during the process of identifying and selecting the best candidate for the Secretary-General position, due consideration should continue to be given to both regional rotation and gender balance.


Fourth, we see the merit in the proposal that the appointment terms for the Secretary-General may be revised to a single, non-renewable term. It would perhaps enhance the independence of the office and protect Secretaries-General from undue pressure. We think that further discussions on this matter holds value.


Fifth, it is important that we draw upon our best practices and lessons learned and establish them as part of our institutional framework for future reference. We also wish to emphasize the significance of better collaboration between the General Assembly and the Security Council.

In this regard, we welcome the decision of joint circulation of a letter from the Presidents of the General Assembly and the Security Council to all Member States, keeping them informed of the names submitted as potential candidates for the Secretary-General position on an ongoing basis.


Sixth, we emphasize the importance of fairness and diversity in the selection and appointment of executive heads and senior management in the UN system. No single state or group of states should have a monopoly on these positions. The process should prioritize gender and geographical balance, without compromising the qualifications, efficiency, and integrity of the candidates. We commend the Secretary-General for achieving gender balance in senior management and call for its implementation throughout the entire system.


Distinguished Co-Facilitators,

We trust your wisdom and able leadership in guiding our discussion and we hope to achieve a more ambitious, innovative, and action-oriented resolution for this session.

My delegation stands ready to engage constructively to advance that journey.

Thank you all.